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At Barks&Bubbles you can choose between a full grooming or a "deluxe" grooming.

"Full Grooming"

This package consists of :

  • nail trimming

  • trimming of sanitary area

  • cleaning of eyes and ears

  • shaving pads

  • brush-out

  • a refreshing bath

  • drying/brushing

  • hair cutting/shaving/ trimming

Price: 56 euros/hour (17% VAT included)


A grooming session takes on average two hours but this duration can varie according to the breed of the dog, its fur and its behaviour. The chosen technic (shearing, cutting or trimming) also influences the duration of the session. You can wait for your dog at the salon or we can call you when the grooming is finished.  

Chien au salon de toilettage et de massage


- Dental care: + 5 euros

- Preventive antiparasitic shampoo: + 5 euros

For hygienic reasons, we don't accept dogs with fleas!

Besides the "full grooming" we offer a "deluxe grooming". 

"Deluxe grooming"

Total grooming + 30 minutes massage session

The massage gives the grooming session a finishing touch. 

Your dog will go home feeling fresh and relaxed, looking forward to its next grooming. 

Price = price of the full grooming + 30 euros  


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