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Canine massage, more than just cuddles!

Just like us, our pets can go through difficult moments: they can get injured needing surgery, they can feel lost by the arrival of a second pet in their home, they can feel stressed after rehousing, feel anxious due to a history of violence and abuse etc. 

Canine massage promotes auto-regulation. By using techniques of Reiki, foot and facial reflexology, the massage therapist tends to stimulate the dog's energetic system. Sometimes, essential oils or Bach flowers are used in addition. 

Therapeutical massages can have a lot of beneficial effects. Some examples are: pain relief, improved blood circulation, more self-confidence, a better balance, less articular tensions, a decrease of anxiety, better functioning of the immune system, metabolic stimulation... Of course, this list is non-exhaustif!

Be careful! Therapeutical massages are a complimentary approach. They don't replace traditional veterinary care!

The length of the massage depends on the age, needs, mood and experiences of the dog. The well-being of the dog comes always first. 

We offer 60 minutes of massage at 60 euros (VAT included). This price will be adapted in function of the length of the session, with a minimum of 30 euros. 

Please bring your dog's blanket/pillow so that he feels secure and lays comfortable during the massage. Walk your dog before the session so that he can fully enjoy the massage.   

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