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Toilettage pour chiens


Massage pour chiens


At Barks&Bubbles, all breeds are welcome. 

We groom maximum two dogs at the same time to avoid stress and excitement caused by the presence of too many dogs in the room. 

Don't wait too long to offer your dog a grooming session. Grooming is not just about esthetics but contributes to the wellbeing of the animal. Don't forget that a clean and well kept dog is a happy dog!

We offer two grooming packages. You can choose between the classical "full grooming" package and a "deluxe" version

Please click on "more info" to choose the package that suits you best. 

Most dogs love getting a massage! As for humans, a massage is a moment of wellbeing for your dog. By offering your best friend a massage, you can show him your gratitude.

But apart from being merely relaxing, a massage also has a lot of beneficial effects on physical, mental and energetic levels. 

Please click on "more info" to find out more about canine massages. 


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